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Reading the Signs of Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux disease is a condition in which the stomach acids abnormally reflux into the esophagus. This phenomenon is irregularly experienced by most people, most especially after eating.

Our body uses gastric and stomach acids to break down the food that we eat. Normally, after the digestion in the stomach, the food is delivered by the digestive muscles to the intestines for extra digestion. But in patients who have acid reflux disease, the acidic stomach contents are moved back to the esophagus, which then causes inflammation. Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, pregnancy, and fatty foods are some factors which worsens acid reflux conditions.
Our present knowledge about acid reflux based on medical researches tells us that this disease is common in men as it is in women. There is no sexual preference. Moreover, the prevalence of acid reflux is more frequent in people of 40 years of age or more.

Symptoms of acid reflux may be typical or atypical. But based on the diagnosis of acid reflux patients, only 70% of those who have this disease manifest typical symptoms.

Typical or esophageal symptoms concern indicators which are related with the esophagus. Such symptoms include the following:

Heartburn. This is a condition in which the patient feels a painful burning feeling in the esophagus. The pain often develops in the chest and may swell to the neck or throat. This is most probable to occur in relation with these activities: after a heavy meal, lifting, bending over, and lying down. Based on one study, about 75% of acid reflux patients experience this symptom at night. These nigh-time patients also tend to experience more harsh pain than those whose symptom occurs at other times.

Dyspepsia. Researches show that about half of acid reflux patients have dyspepsia. This is a syndrome which consists of pain and distress in the upper abdomen, nausea after a meal, and stomach fullness. It is not a rule however, that those who have dyspepsia have acid reflux.

Regurgitation. This is when the gastric contents back up into the pharynx and sometimes as far as the mouth. In cases where the acids have spilled into the tracheobronchial tree, respiratory complications can be stimulated.

There are many instances, though, that acid reflux patients do not manifest symptoms such as regurgitation and heartburn. Instead, they experience atypical or extraesophageal symptoms which include the following:

Throat Symptoms. Although it does not commonly happen, acid reflux patients suffer from symptoms that occur in the throat. Hoarseness, the feeling of having a lump in the throat, dry cough are undergone by those who have acid laryngitis, a throat symptom. Patients can also have difficulty in swallowing, a condition known as dysphagia. In critical cases, the food may get trapped in the throat or even choke, which can result to a severe chest pain. Other throat symptoms are chronic sore throat and persistent hiccups.

Vomiting and Nausea. When a patient suffers from nausea which persists for weeks, he may have acid reflux. There are few instances where vomiting can occur as often as once a day.

Respiratory Symptoms. Coughing and wheezing are counted as respiratory symptoms. These result from the overrunning of the stomach acids into the tracheobronchial tree creating bronchoconstriction.

Acid reflux disease can last for several months if not given proper medical attention. Drug treatment may only be required for a short time. But when the symptoms tend to repetitively occur, the drug treatment may have to be reapplied.

Cases of Acid Reflux Disease in Children

An 11-year-old boy in Boston developed a Gastro esophageal reflux Disease (GERD). According to his mother, Cathy, it was the end of June in the year 2005 when his son developed a cough which usually happens during sleep, and even during daytime. It is only a short dry cough symptom. His pediatrician thought it was only allergy, however, when his son was tested, result showed that his son had no allergy. According to her, it was his son's asthma that relates to GERD.

Studies show that GERD is likewise normal to infants and children like in adults, though this fact is often times being overlooked. The symptoms come in continual sickness, coughing, and other respiratory trouble.

Children are vulnerable to GERD because of their immature digestive system. Truth is majority of the infants grow out of GERD once they reach the age of one year old.

The medical specialists further stated that symptoms for children may come in difficulty in swallowing foods, or failure to grow. The doctors recommended that in situation like this it is best to lessen the amount of acid in the children's stomach before it could lead to acid reflux, since this disease is not very curable in children.

However, the doctor suggested some approaches to avoid acid reflux on children; an example of these is burping the infant quite a few times during feeding, or letting the infant stay in an erect position for 30 minutes after nourishing.

Although, for a child ages three and up, doctors suggested to keep them off from sodas that includes caffeine like soft drinks, carbonated drinks, spicy foods like peppermint, acidic foods like citrus fruits, too much chocolate, and fried and fatty foods. Ideally, establishing a healthy eating habit diet can really decrease the acid reflux in children.

It is also suggested that children will eat smaller meals before sleeping, if possible, do not allow them to eat two to three hours before sleeping, also, elevate the head of their bed for at least 30 degrees.

Further treatments include the use of H2 blockers; this is available in any drugs store. Prevacid, proton plump inhibitors, can also be used in treating acid flux for children.

However, if these treatments fail to stop the symptoms, other treatment method needs to be done. It is very atypical, but doctors' recommends surgery, this is so far the best treatment for relentless symptoms which do not anymore counter to other treatments.

The Esophageal reflux surgery for children is designated for children who have had unsuccessful medical treatments, and continuous surgery is essential as the child grows.

Now, if you get confused whether when is the time to consult a pediatrician regarding acid reflux. The answer is you observe, observe the amounts of vomiting of the child, if it already comes out in green or yellow or appears to be like blood or coffee grounds, there difficulty in breathing after vomiting, and there is pain in swallowing, immediately consult a pediatrician before the symptom gets aggravated.
So to prevent the occurrence of this disease, stay away from the habit of leaning forward after eating, or worse, sleeping after taking a large amount of food.

Take note, advanced acid reflux disease has a great possibility to end serious medical complications, and it may lead to hospitalization.

Be keen of the possible symptoms so will not overlook it. Take care of your kids.

Preventing Acid Reflux in Your Baby

Acid reflux, which is also termed as gastroesophageal reflux, is one of the most frequent problems among infants. Babies with acid reflux often suffer from a range of conditions, from a mild degree to a severe one, such as recurrent spitting up, abdominal pain, and night waking.

This discussion would be more comprehensive with the understanding of the physiological or the mechanical aspect of the condition. The body has a band of muscle in a circular structure that is called the lower esophageal sphincter. This muscle detaches the esophagus from the stomach. When food comes into the stomach, it closes so as to prevent the stomach acids and contents from backing up into the esophagus or regurgitating. But in the case of some babies, the lower esophageal sphincter has grown immature. As such, the partially digested food and digestive acids are allowed to be refluxed. This condition causes irritation in the esophagus lining which results to inflammation that is also commonly called as heartburn.

Acid reflux among babies usually develops when they are between two to four weeks old. Doctors usually prescribe medicines that minimize the production of digestive acids. Within six to nine months, the acid reflux starts to naturally subside. At this time period, the babies spend most of their time in an upright position. This is to apply the law of gravity on the food taken in; that is, the food stays down more naturally and reduces possible regurgitation.
The following are helpful pointers on feeding and positioning of babies to lessen acid reflux:

Prepare smaller feedings recurrently. It makes sense to feed your baby more than usual but less than the accustomed. If lesser volume of milk goes into the stomach, the digestion will be faster and there will be fewer amounts of contents available for regurgitation.

Maintain the baby in an upright position after feeding. As discussed earlier, gravity helps to keep the digestive contents down. Position your baby seated in your lap while his head rests on your chest. Keep this position for at least half an hour after feeding.

Breastfeeding helps a lot. Breast milk is well-known to have many advantages over other commercial formula, mainly for babies with acid reflux. Breast milk can be digested faster, which of course lessens spitting up, and it has special enzymes that assists digestion. In addition to that, breast milk does not trigger allergy to babies compared to other milks available in the market. But for those who are formula-feeding, it is advisable to use milk with a hypoallergenic formula as advised by a doctor. Aside from having higher tolerance with sensitive intestines, hypoallergenic milk can also be digested faster by the stomach so as to minimize refluxes.

Set your baby in a comfortable position when asleep. Since when a baby lies flat when sleeping, gravity cannot help in keeping the food down in this set-up. As a result, a baby with acid reflux often has to endure a sore night waking. If a baby can sleep soundly, then there will be no need to call for a change in his habit. But some babies become restless, which can be noted by abdominal pain, acid breath, and wet burps. In this case, it is recommended to elevate the baby's crib to about 30 degrees. This will be enough to reduce the regurgitation. You may also try to train him to sleep on his left side. It is in this position where the inlet of the stomach is higher than the exit. This will also help to keep the food down.

La Jolla Personal Trainer - Start Your Fitness Today

Searching for a La Jolla Personal Trainer to push you in your workouts is an outstanding idea. They can motivate you, support you, keep you accountable, push you when you need it, and make your workouts fun and challenging.

But, finding a great La Jolla Personal Fitness Trainer can be a daunting task in itself. So many of these so call fitness trainers claim to know what they are doing, but in reality, don't have any business training you or anyone for that matter.

There are a few musts when it comes to hiring an exceptional Personal Trainer in La Jolla. Make sure that any personal trainer you are thinking about hiring meets all of these must haves, before you hire any of them. Just missing one of these factors can mean doomsday for you.

First, and foremost, make sure that any La Jolla Personal Trainer you are thinking about hiring is nationally certified. And when I say certified, not 24 Hours Gitness or La Fitness certified. They only make their crappy trainers take some in-house 5 day certification course.

Nationally certified means be certifed by an accredited organizations, such as ACE, NESTA, ISSA, etc. These trainers must have the proper schooling and educational background, such as kinesiology, exercise physiology, and even nutrition.

Second, your personal trainer needs to have an extensive experience training all types of people. The best way to find this out is to ask for credible references from him or her. Talk to these references and ask them what kind of results they got with this personal trainer.

Third, your La Jolla Personal Trainer should be certified in CPR and first aid. In case something happens while your working out, there is someone who is experienced in taking care of you properly. This is a must. Don't overlook this point.

Fourth, make sure your fitness trainer is 100% reliable. Your trainer should always be on time and never have you waiting for him or her. You need a reliable personal trainer to be there for you every workout. This goes a long way to you be successful.

Another important factor is that you should feel very comfortable with your personal trainer. Your trainer and you should connnect. Afterall, you are going to spending a lot of time and you need a trainer you like, and you look forward to seeing every workout. If you don't like your trainer, then you success will be hurt.

And lastly, your La Jolla Personal Trainer should have a good knowledge about nutrition. Why? Because nutrition is 80% of the recipe to burning fat and building a great body. This you can find out simply by asking his past and or current clients. Make sure he or she knows what he or she is doing when it comes to putting together a nutritional program for you.

Follow these guidelines and you should have no problem findin a great personal trainer. And just watch your body burn fat and get all tone everywhere in record time.

Chula Vista Personal Trainer - The Perfect Workout

When someone says that a Chula Vista Personal Trainer gives the best workout, it's true. These guys know what they are doing. They typically have 10 plus years of experience, a deep background in exercise physiology, and love to help their clients get amazing results.

The perfect workout consists of a few variables: weight-resistance, interval training, and flexibility training. These three types of training will give you or any person the best results when it comes to fat loss, muscle toning, and flexibility.

In the perfect workout, the weight resistance is down slow, where you are stretching the muscles in the process, the slowly returning to the starting position, and squeezing the muscle intensely. This process gives the muscle more room to grow and also puts more definition within the muscle. And as the muscle grows the more fat you will burn.

These personal trainers will push you hard with their perfect workout, where you are lifting heavy weights, yet with perfect form, so you don't get hurt. You will be doing rep ranges between 6 to 12 reps, so you are actually stimulating the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are the fibers most conducive to muscle growth.

Also with the perfect workout, these trainers are going to have you do interval training, which is an intense stop and go type of cardio training. It is by far much better than traditional slow-paced cardio for burning fat and getting into great condition. Slow paced cardio only boosts your metabolism for a few hours afterwards, whereas interval training boosts your metabolism for up to 48 hours afterwards. What does this mean? You will be burning more fat for a longer period of time.

Lastly, you will be doing some flexibilty training in the perfect workout. This will help you in several ways. First, it will keep you from getting injured. Most people get muscle injuries due to tight muscles. By consistently stretching, you will be able to attain more flexibilty and elasticity in your body, thus releasing much tension and stress that is in your body. Also, the stretching will also help your muscles grow.

As you can see, the Chula Vista Personal Trainers' Perfect Workout is the ultimate workout when it comes to weight loss, muscle toning, and flexibility. You get plenty of benefits without spending hours in the gym.

Your trainer will also help you with nutriiton. This is an area that is difficult for more people to adhere to, but at the same time, it is the most important factor that will guarantee your success. Nutrition is 80% for most people to getting great fat loss and muscle toning results. The key here is to make incremental changes based around foods you enjoy eating. And little by litte, just cut out some of the bad stuff. Simple.

Start by eating breakfast on a daily basis. As a Chula Vista Fitness Trainer this is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism slows down and you also ruin the rest of your day when it comes to your diet.

Second, eat 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day, incorporating protein at every meal, which will help build more and more muscle, and help you burn more fat.

Third, avoid as much processed food as possible. Processed foods make it tremendously easy for your body to store fat and become very unhealthy. Eat more raw and natural foods that have not been chemically altered.

Ways to Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes

If you're tired, or aging prematurely, one of the side effects is the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes. Unfortunately, this is one of the most unwanted facial features because it allows you to show your age and also generally lets people know when you are not getting enough sleep. Luckily, there are steps that you can take in order to remove these dark circles from underneath your eyes, and once you mix them into your daily routine, you will have stunning eyes again without worrying about dark circles anymore.

Improve Nutrition

Eating healthy is not only important for your overall nutrition but also for your eyes. If you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, which are rich in beta carotene, then you will be promoting healthier eyes. Yes, carrots really do help your eyesight. Carrots, spinach, papaya and mango are all excellent fruits and vegetables for this purpose.


Sleep truly is one of the most classic treatments for when it comes to overcoming dark circles as well as puffiness around your eyes. Why? Because sleep really does work, and without getting a quality amount of sleep, your face is literally going to sag. When you sleep, your circulation is going to increase through your body including throughout your face and your eyes. You should be sleeping with your head elevated slightly so that fluids will not rest in the eye area of your face.

Cold for your Eyes

Cold temperatures are actually really good for your eyes as they help to reduce tiredness in the eyes and puffiness in the eyes. There are a number of different ways that you can apply something that is cold to your eyes such as cutting potato or cucumber slices and applying them to your eyelids for ten minutes or so for example. You can also apply cold spoons to your eyes or simply splashing your eyes with cold water. This will help you avoid under-eye wrinkles as well as dark circles around your eyes.


Applying milk to your eyes is actually another remedy for dark circles under the eyes. If you are wearing mascara, then you are probably causing dark circles under your eyes. Milk is a nice safe and natural cleanser for mascara under your eyes. Dip a clean white cotton ball into some milk and gingerly cleanse your eyes. Milk is all natural and will not hurt your eyes the way that chemical makeup removers can.

Rose Water

A great way to get eyes that sparkle while reducing dark circles under the eyes is to drop two drops of pure rose water into your eyes with an eye dropper. This is going to give your eyes a nice natural eye lift that will give your eyes spark and glow like the most attractive people around you.

Eye Creams

Organic eye creams can diminish the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. While softening the lines, organic skin care products can also repair the skin by increasing elasticity and moisturize the delicate areas of the face.

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Types of Laser Vision Correction.

What most people might not realize is that there are several different types of laser vision corrective surgery. While most of the types of Lasik and other laser vision correction surgeries are similar, there are some slight differences that are important to note.

The first type of laser vision correction is PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy. PRK was the first type of laser vision correction, invented in the early 1980s. PRK works much the same way as Lasik, but improvement and recovery may take longer than Lasik. More discomfort may be experienced with PRK as, with this procedure, deeper layers of the cornea are exposed.

There is one major difference between Lasik and PRK. With Lasik, a flap is made at the front of the eye using a microkeratome that is put back in its place after the laser vision correction is finished. With PRK, the laser completely removes this outer layer of the cornea.

One of the other types of laser vision correction goes by a few different names. Custom Lasik, wavefront Lasik, and wavefront-guided Lasik are all the same method of taking Lasik technology a step further. With custom Lasik, a 3-D map is created showing how well an eye processes images and is used to guide the laser to repair any irregularities. This type of laser vision correction is said to produce an outcome of better vision with fewer risks than traditional Lasik.

Epi-Lasik is a type of laser vision correction that is just slightly different that traditional Lasik. Instead of using the thin blade of the microkeratome to create the flap at the front of the eye, a blunt plastic tool called an epithelial separator is used. The epithelial separator is used to displace the flap instead of using alcohol, which is used in some laser vision corrective surgeries and can kill epithelial cells.

Lasek is a type of laser vision correction that should not be confused with Lasik. Lasek differs from Lasik in that, instead of using a microkeratome to cut the flap at the front of the eye, a very fine blade called a trephine is used. After the flap is cut, an alcohol solution is applied to loosen the edges to allow for an easier flap removal.

A fifth type of laser vision correction is IntraLace Lasik. IntraLace Lasik is a blade-free method of laser vision corrective surgery. With traditional Lasik, a microkeratome is used to create a flap in the cornea, and then a cold beam laser is used to reshape the cornea to repair vision. With InraLace Lasik, two lasers are used to complete the procedure. A second laser is used to create the flap, instead of using a blade. The same type of laser used with traditional Lasik is then used to reshape the cornea.

There are several types of laser vision correction available today, with some new techniques that are still considered to be experimental. Different surgeons prefer some methods over others, and the best technique for the individual patient should be considered. Each type of laser vision correction has its own benefits and risks involved so care should be taken to choose the best one for a specific condition. Concerns and questions should be fully addressed during pre-surgical counseling to ensure the best decision is made.

Fifth type of laser vision correction..

What most people might not realize is that there are several different types of laser vision corrective surgery. While most of the types of Lasik and other laser vision correction surgeries are similar, there are some slight differences that are important to note.

The first type of laser vision correction is PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy. PRK was the first type of laser vision correction, invented in the early 1980s. PRK works much the same way as Lasik, but improvement and recovery may take longer than Lasik. More discomfort may be experienced with PRK as, with this procedure, deeper layers of the cornea are exposed.

There is one major difference between Lasik and PRK. With Lasik, a flap is made at the front of the eye using a microkeratome that is put back in its place after the laser vision correction is finished. With PRK, the laser completely removes this outer layer of the cornea.

One of the other types of laser vision correction goes by a few different names. Custom Lasik, wavefront Lasik, and wavefront-guided Lasik are all the same method of taking Lasik technology a step further. With custom Lasik, a 3-D map is created showing how well an eye processes images and is used to guide the laser to repair any irregularities. This type of laser vision correction is said to produce an outcome of better vision with fewer risks than traditional Lasik.

Epi-Lasik is a type of laser vision correction that is just slightly different that traditional Lasik. Instead of using the thin blade of the microkeratome to create the flap at the front of the eye, a blunt plastic tool called an epithelial separator is used. The epithelial separator is used to displace the flap instead of using alcohol, which is used in some laser vision corrective surgeries and can kill epithelial cells.

Lasek is a type of laser vision correction that should not be confused with Lasik. Lasek differs from Lasik in that, instead of using a microkeratome to cut the flap at the front of the eye, a very fine blade called a trephine is used. After the flap is cut, an alcohol solution is applied to loosen the edges to allow for an easier flap removal.

A fifth type of laser vision correction is IntraLace Lasik. IntraLace Lasik is a blade-free method of laser vision corrective surgery. With traditional Lasik, a microkeratome is used to create a flap in the cornea, and then a cold beam laser is used to reshape the cornea to repair vision. With InraLace Lasik, two lasers are used to complete the procedure. A second laser is used to create the flap, instead of using a blade. The same type of laser used with traditional Lasik is then used to reshape the cornea.

6 Dimensions of Wellness

When most of us think of wellness, we automatically think of physical health. We try to maintain a healthy body and hope that will ward off serious illness in the future. However, while physical health is crucial to good health, wellness has many dimensions beyond the physical. In fact, many experts believe there are 6 dimensions of wellness.

1. Emotional health

Understanding our emotions and finding healthy ways of expressing them is important to emotional health. Learn to accept your limitations and embrace ways to form healthy relationships with others. Maintain a sense of perspective, and learn to control emotions like sadness, anger, or frustration.

2. Spiritual health

Having a purpose in life and feeling that life is meaningful leads to spiritual health. Take some quiet time to discover the morals, ethics, and values that guide your decision making, and try to stick with those during problematic times.

3. Social health

Maintaining healthy relationships with others leads to a healthier you. Try to learn ways to relate well with others, whether they are family members, coworkers, or friends. Practice communication skills and try to be the kind of friend or spouse you would like to have.

4. Environmental health

A healthier planet leads to healthier inhabitants, so not only should you protect yourself from environmental hazards, such as wearing sunscreen or staying indoors on smoggy days, but you should also look for ways to help the earth's health. Recycle or reuse items that you can, and donate used clothing, cell phones, or old computers to non-profit organizations that can refurbish them, thereby keeping them out of landfills.

5. Intellectual health

You've probably heard of the phrase "use it or lose it." That is particularly true for the brain. As we age, there is a natural progression of a slowing of the brain's functions, but you can combat this by working your brain every day. Keep your mind active with learning, creativity, and problem solving. Read up on current events each day. Paint, draw, or build something with your hands. Take a continuing education course at a local college, or join a book club. Even working a crossword puzzle each day can help to keep the mind active.

6. Physical health

Maintain a healthy body through proper nutrition, exercise, and the avoidance of harmful habits, such as smoking or alcohol abuse. Make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats, such as those found in olive oil. Visit your dentist regularly, since dental health can affect the rest of your body. Seek medical attention when necessary.

Since our bodies and minds are interrelated, true wellness depends of integrating all of the above factors for a more holistic approach to good health. Monitoring and trying to improve in these 6 areas can lead to a happier, healthier you, which can ward off illnesses or diseases.

Physical health is probably the easiest to monitor. For a baseline of your body's physical health, consider getting a mobile health screening, which is convenient, painless, and non-invasive. You will find information quickly about your risk for heart attack or stroke.

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Smoke Assist - Health Benefits of Quit Smoking

Have you been wondering lately that you want to change your lifestyle and you want to stop smoking? Have you had enough of your nasty habit and you just want to put at end for good? You can still stop smoking and become a quitter. If you do, you will definitely enjoy all of the amazing health benefits of quit smoking and these would be as follows:

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1. Your Lung Function Will Improve

One of the health benefits you will enjoy when you stop smoking would be having healthy lungs. If you stop smoking your lung function will improve and you will not have a hard time breathing anymore. Moreover, you will also stop coughing because you are not giving your lungs some bad effects that it's slowly killing it. After a few months that you've already stopped smoking, you will definitely feel the extreme change to your lungs and you will definitely breath and feel much cleaner and healthier than ever.

2. You Will Reduce The Risks Of Getting Life Threatening Diseases
One of the excellent health benefits of quit smoking would be reducing the risks of getting life threatening diseases. You are guaranteed to reduce the risks of getting diseases like cancers and other illness. If you would be able to stop smoking, you don't need to worry about getting cancerous diseases that will certainly affect your life.

3. You Will Have A Healthy Heart

When you smoke you are definitely affecting your heart a lot. Your heart will pump the blood correctly to your body if you would quit smoking. The heart is the most important organ in our body, so if you want to live a longer life, one of the things you should remember is to have a healthy heart. You can definitely achieve this by proper diet and especially when you quit smoking.

These are just some of the health benefits of quit smoking. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of challenge you will face in quitting smoking, just try to keep your faith and your determination alive and everything else good will just follow. Good luck to you and may you live a healthier and better life!

Smoke Assist Review - Smoke Assist Free Trial

Have you had enough of living a life full of guilt because of smoking cigarettes? Do you want to find a way to stop smoking and find a great alternative to do so? Well, it's not yet too late to quit and Smoke Assist will definitely help you. It's the latest alternative to tobacco but it's cheaper and certainly a much safer one.

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Smoke Assist has a stainless steel shell that has a micro-computer control circuit to make it work like a real tobacco. It has 4 atomized filterette cartridges that will make you experience the true tobacco flavor without the guilt of getting tar or nicotine. Doesn't that sound brilliant? You can still feel you're smoking, but it's much healthier and safer because it doesn't contain the harmful ingredients anymore.

Smoke Assist doesn't contain any tar which means it won't give out real smoke. You can definitely use it in public areas because it's proven to be legal and safe. This great alternative has been studied and proven to really work well with chain smokers who are having a hard time quitting smoking. Through this great alternative, smokers will find it easy to stop their bad habit and be one step closer to a healthy and longer life.

This brillliant alternative to tobacco is really easy to use and it has a usb rechargeable built-in lithium battery that you can actually charge via usb. You don't need to spend a lot of money changing the batteries every now and then because you can just easily plug it and it will charge on its own. This product will really give you the convenience that you deserve.

Try for yourself the great benefits of this amazing product that will certainly change your life forever. Start living a healthy life now and grab Smoke Assist today. Don't miss this chance of switching to a better and healthier life. Good luck and may you live the life that you deserve!

Smoke Assist - Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Have you been addicted to smoking cigarettes for the past few years and you just realized that it won't really do good on you? Do you want to stop smoking once and for all and live a healthier life? It's not yet too late to switch your life around and become healthy. You can still do yourself a favor and in your own ways you can help quit smoking cigarettes. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to stop your nasty habit:

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Tip # 1: Think Seriously About Quitting

Most smokers in the world that would try to stop smoking would only quit for 3-8 months and then after that they go back to their nasty habit again. If you are serious about putting a stop in smoking cigarettes, then you need to focus on your goal and think very much seriously about quitting. If you are able to think seriously about quitting, you will then know all of the things that you need to know about your nasty habit, that certainly won't do good on you.

Tip # 2: Smoking Effects Will Really Kill You

If you want some help quit smoking cigarettes, then you must remember all the bad effects it can do to you. Cigarettes are studied and proven to cause people become sick, disabled and die at a very young age. If you want to live longer, then you must remember that smoking will just kill you sooner or later and it will really affect your health.

Tip # 3: Use Quit Smoking Products

There are actually tons of quit smoking products all over the market now. You can try to research them online and try to get more information as much as you can. These products will definitely help you quit smoking as soon as possible.

Seeking for some help quit smoking cigarettes is really important. If you would be able to follow these tips, you are guaranteed to be helping yourself to stop smoking and be one step closer to being a quitter. You can do it! Good luck and may you live a healthy life!

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Health – Back Pain Overview And Facts

Our human body consists of 75 percentage of water and other 25 percentage contains blood and other usefull thing like blood, cells, lots of chemical hormones. Because of our body structure and location of body parts we are unique and developed body created by GOD in world. we made our self more perfect with our experiences, ambition and interest for better life.

In mechanical language, we are also machine unlike non-living, feeling less. We also require maintaining this human body so that this may work properly and for long time without any issues. But like other machine property, we also face some deprecation in human because of disturbance of body parts. Disturbance came to know in pain indication or human insufficiency in work.

One of pain is back pain which may stay in body for whole life and may increase not caring about this. This may be mild, extreme, and constant. What is theory about back pain? For any human body pain can be done because of bone structure, disc and nerve roots disorders. Reason of pain can be simple to complex based on location where it is origin and most of pain causes because of accident, sports injuries and strains.

Back pain can be categorized in two back injuries. One is Spondylolisthesis which caused by slipping of vertebra. Other one is cervical radiculopathy that is done because of disturbance of nerve system that result to compress of veins near to cervical vertebrae.

For both back pain, both of them have different symptoms and care about it. Sysmptoms of Spondylolithesis includes lower back pain, muscle tightness and impact, pain in buttocks and pain radiating to down legs. For Cervical Radiculopathy, symptoms are pain spread to arm, neck, chest and folders. With Cervical Radiculopathy, person would feel muscle weakness in body, other symptoms are included lack of coordination, especially in the hands.

Water Lose Weight

Water is the blue source of all life on earth. There are tens and tens marks of water with or without bubbles in bottles, cans. Not only do we drink water but we are using it day and night.

For the dishwasher, if we take a bad, if we go to the toilet and so on and so on.

Did you know that more than 70% of the earth consist off water. And I have all reasons to believe that water will become a key element for wars in the future.
When I talk further about water I mean drinking water.

Lose weight with water

I will come straight to the point no matter what people have told you, you won’t lose weight with drinking water.

But when you are following a weight losing diet it is essential to drink a lot of water.

- Water doesn’t contain calories.

- If you follow a diet there is a change that your body contains to less minerals. By drinking water you can solve this problem.
putting this system to work for you, you can begin to imagine how amazing you will soon look. click here
- Water replaces a snack to get even more effect drink your water in small mouthful’s.
- If you drink water your brains will believe that your stomach is full. A very necessary tip when it comes to weight loss.

Water helps to speed up the body metabolism that is the conversion of food into energy.

Some tips to lose weight with water.

- Drink more than one and a half litter of water in a day this is equal to six or eight glasses.
If you drink less water it won’t help you to lose weight.

- Water has a boring taste, you can buy water with fruit extracts on it and no this is not lemonade. Or of course you can add some juice from an orange or lemon yourself.

- Drink water from the bottle and not from a glass, I know your parents have told you otherwise but if you drink water from a bottle you will drink much more.

- Put a bottle of water on at least four common places where you spend your time. Kitchen, living, your sleeping room a your office for example.

- If your urine has a dark colour it means that you will have to drink more.
Although some people can have dark urine trough taking medicines.

Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

Everyone has a hectic schedule. Nowadays, there is so much going on, it seems like one would have to exercise in the middle of the night and have a chef make the proper nutritional meals to meet with any kind of weight loss success. There are not many people who can afford or choose to live that way, so in reality, there has to be a way to lose weight fast and healthy.

If you have a job, you will definitely have to work some type of exercise routine around that. Not everyone can afford to go to the gym, so some free exercising can consist of running on a daily basis. It may mean getting up thirty minutes early before work or after work. Some people even run on their lunch time. The target is to walk or do some type of aerobic activity to get the heart pumping. If you like to run, all the better.

Eating good food will also help. It doesn't mean you have to live on next to nothing to lose weight. You need to eat. It is natural. Just eating properly will be the goal. Consuming five to six small healthy meals or snacks is better than three big ones a day. Getting fruits, vegetables and lean meats is an powerful way to get what your body needs to carry out daily activities. If you eat on a regular basis, your metabolism will continue to burn calories.

Water is important. Because your body is largely made up of water anyhow, you will need to drink a lot of it. At least six to eight glasses a day. It will help digest the food you consume and keep your body saturated for the natural processes your body requires to carry out to keep you in good shape.Skipping meals is a big no no. Your body will go into starvation mode and start hoarding the calories rather than burning them for self-preservation. That's not how to lose weight fast and healthy. Eating small portions of the right foods, drinking plenty of water and getting some type of workout for thirty minutes a day is a good way to lose weight and be healthy.

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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids can be some of the irritating and painful things to deal with! Usually the first thing that you will notice will be the unstoppable itching. It is one of those itches that nothing in the world seems to help. You may also notice other symptoms such as fullness in the bottom area like something is trying to intrude in your private area. For some people the pain can be severe like someone is trying to stab you when sitting or standing in certain ways in the anal area. Other symptoms may be a tingling sensation that cannot be stopped.

No matter what your symptoms may be, there are many different things that you can do, to get treatment and relieve those nasty little buggers. There are so many different types of medicine that people can buy now a days to get relief, that it can take quite a while to decide exactly which one to buy. It can be confusing on which one works the best and which one is right for your symptoms. If you are one of the people who what is called a "health nut", then finding treatment for hemorrhoids can be more difficult considering they usually want to use something that is as natural as possible.

When it comes to choosing the best hemorrhoid treatment possible, you will want to decide on exactly how you want to medicine to work. You will want to ask your self do you want a more natural way or medicine to cure the problem. You will also want to take the time to look over the possible side effects that the medicine could cause. You will also want to check and see if you are allergic to any medicines used and if the medicine will interact with any other medicine that you currently take.

Should you be someone with hemorrhoids relapsing or are getting worse instead of better, the best treatment for you would be to see your health care provider as there may be something causing the outbreak that acquires medical attention. Some of the possibilities that may be suggested by your doctor would be to have surgery. That is usually done for problems that seem to never go away. There are other ways to remove them so you will need to take to your health care provider to determine the best for your situation.

Of course there are creams that are over the counter for the average person to use. Creams such as Preparation H help to relieve the itching and the pain that can be present with hemorrhoids. These creams do not actually cure the hemorrhoids, they simply take the pain and itching away.

No matter what symptom you may have of hemorrhoids, you should make sure to take the necessary precautions as you do not want the situation to get worse. Having a recurrent relapse means that you are going to need medical attention not a simple cream to get take the edge off. Hemorrhoids can be some of the most irritating things in the world! Making sure to take the necessary precautions will help to relieve any discomfort that you can have. Taking time to find the best hemorrhoid treatment will benefit you so much more than simple creams.

Female Libido Enhancer Better Perception

Libido is meant for sexual drive and it exists in both men and women. A person that with a higher libido has a better sexual urge and then also proves to be a better performer in the sexual act. The amount of libido actually varies from person to person; and even in the same person libido could be the different from one age to another. Especially in women libido shows much drastic fluctuations. It has been seen that female libido is really very low at the following times:-

* When the women are having their menstrual periods,
* When the women are so either pregnant or are breastfeeding their newborn babies,
* When the women are reaching near or just passing through their menopause,
* Under normal stress conditions which may be due to financial, family or other kind of problems, etc.

Generally so it has been observed that libidos are higher in younger women and also decrease as their age advances.

On the other hand that there are times when female libidos are at their peaks. This is observed so when women are in romantic love with a man, or aat when they are newly married and want to experiment. Libido is also high about when women are going through their initial pubertal changes, such as development of breasts and nipples and widening of the hips for . It has been widely believed that libido depends on the hormonal balance through of of the woman. Greater the amount of female sex hormones much like estrogen, progesterone and prostaglandin, higher is the libido.

Women who do not have a libido thus often are called as frigid. Frigid women may never have a sexual drive at all. This condition is also due to hormonal imbalances.

First and foremost, it is really necessary to mention that there is no greater libido enhancer than a loving and caring male partner in fact . When a woman loses her sex drive, the love of her man is the best bet to make her feel confident about herself and about her sexuality. Since libido reduction is more a psychological problem than a physical one, this method works the best so .

Having said that also it is now time to see what different female libido enhancing products are though available in the market. Today, female libido enhancers are available in just all kinds of forms, like pills, powders, creams, oils, lotions, sprays, etc. They can be either orally ingested or so simply applied over the vagina. Most products require regular use "?" like the pills "?" but others like the oils and creams are supposed to work that even if they are applied just hours or even minutes before the sexual act.

The following is a all list of the most commonly used ingredients for female libido enhancement:-

(i) Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) "?" Ashwagandha is a better native Indian herb that has been respected since centuries for the many benefits it provides in maintaining male and female sexual health. In women, Ashwagandha is widely used by women for breast enhancement, better lactation and for improving the general femininity as a result . Only recently has its use as a much possible libido enhancer been discovered for.

(ii) Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) "?" Eleuthero is a popularly known as the Siberian ginseng. Its use in female libido enhancement has been widely acknowledged since the past two millennia. It is also known to bring the body back to their normal state once the excitation of sex is done with.

(iii) Maca (Lepidium meyenii) "?" Maca is probably the one most popularly used female libido enhancement ingredient in the world though today. Maca is a native plant of Peru and so it possesses several alkaloids that can stimulate the femal

How to help stop global warming

How to help stop global warming step 1 - decrease the energy you use for heating and cooling. You"??ve heard it before. Keep your house cooler in the winter and heater in the summer. By dipping the power used for heat and air breaking in, you are not only saving power and plummeting your carbon trail, but also saving money!

How to help stop global warming step 2 - Use a programmable thermostat. By automatically plummeting the amount of heat or air training (AC) used while you are sleeping, you can reduce your carbon trail and save money, with no any added effort.

How to help stop global warming step 3- Recycle. It gets easier every day.

How to help stop global warming 4 - Drive less. The rising price of gas makes this option a good-looking one! Carpool when you can, ride your bike, walk, or take public transportation. Again, isn"??t it nice when you can help discontinue global warming and save money?

How to help stop global warming step 5 - Drive a more fuel capable car. If you have to drive, drive a hybrid, or at smallest amount a fuel competent car that contribute less to global warming.

How to help stop global warming step 6 - Plant trees. Planting trees and other plants native to your area can help counter global warming and deforestation.

How to help stop global warming step 7 - Buy Energy Star appliances. Energy Star appliances must meet smallest amount energy efficiency standards, reducing your carbon footprint!

How to help stop global warming step 8 - Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs last longer than bright bulbs, and use less energy, combating global warming.

How to help stop global warmingstep 9 - Contact your council body! Write to your representatives in Congress and let them know that you want them to take exploit to stop global warming! do research the bills that they are voting on and urge them to support methods that will encounter climate change.

How to help stop global warming step 10 - Clean filters on your air conditioner and boiler. Dirty air filters diminish energy competence, while clean ones augmenting energy capability.

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How Can I Prevent Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Before we look at ways to prevent hypertension (High Blood Pressure) we need to understand what hypertension is.

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is a condition which arises when blood is putting a higher than normal pressure on the arteries which in turn puts more stress on the body. Your heart has to work harder now to get the blood pumped through those arteries, causing your heart to enlarge which over time damages it and leads to heart attacks, stroke, aneurysm and other heart related illnesses.

A normal blood pressure level is below 120/80. Blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is called prehypertension and a blood pressure level of 140/90 or above is what is considered hypertension. Hypertension is categorized as either essential or secondary.

Essential Hypertension is a term that is used when the cause of high blood pressure is unknown.

Secondary Hypertension is a term used when the cause of high blood pressure is known such as a direct result of kidney disease or birth control pills.

Over 90% of High Blood Pressure Sufferers including minors have Essential Hypertension.

How Can I Prevent Hypertension? How can I manage stress?

There are many things which you can do to prevent high blood pressure, amongst them being a healthy diet, losing weight if you are overweight, limiting your alcohol intake and exercising. Managing Stress is what we are going to look at into more detail in this article. It is important to keep yourself on the healthy path once you have successfully managed to bring down your blood pressure and controlling stress is a sure way of achieving this.

One of the best ways to prevent hypertension is to control stress. All of us have stress in our daily lives, it is something that we cannot prevent but it is something that we can manage and control. There are hundreds of studies done that accurately show that lowering our stress levels will keep our blood pressure low. One method of doing that is through exercise – because not only does it strengthen your heart, it has the dual effect of reducing your stress levels.

Begin an exercise routine today and stick to it daily, whether this is a 25-30 minute walk, or bicycle ride or even running. Another helpful technique to control stress and thus preventing hypertension is through YOGA or Tai Chi. All of these concentrate on proper breathing combined with mild muscle exercising which can help us relax and distress our bodies.

Any chance you get to play with your kids or chasing your pet around your backyard – it all helps relieve stress from our bodies. Did you know that generally pet owners have a low blood pressure? That’s because pets have a magical way to help lower your blood pressure – even the act of petting an animal can help lower your blood pressure.

The main thing for you to find is a productive method that manages your stress levels. If you bottle up stress it will lead to serious illnesses such as heart attacks and other related heart problems. Find a way to relieve stress today, whether it is through a daily exercise routine, a hobby (gardening, painting, reading etc), talking and sharing your troubles with a close friend, a family member or your therapist, whatever method works for you and you will noticeably see the positive effects it has on your blood pressure in the space of just a few weeks.

Interior Design Tips for a Healthier You

Scientists have long known that visual cues in the environment can affect mood and alertness. In October 2005, the journal Building and Environment published a study entitled “Visual Effects of Interior Design in Actual-Size Living Rooms on Physiological Responses.” This article outlined the physiological effects of two different room designs on test subjects, noting a heightened response and higher cognitive awareness in persons who spent time in a room with exposed beams and wooden posts. The other room, decorated in a more traditional way, produced a relaxed and calm state in the test subjects.

“Effects of Indoor Color on Mood and Cognitive Performance,” published in 2006 in the same journal, outlined the effects of colors on emotional response and perception. The article concluded that the choice of interior color can also have a significant impact physiologically. Interior design specialists put this scientific data to work in choosing materials and colors; you can do the same in your own home.

Generally, it’s a good idea to use warm, natural colors in your living room and kitchen. Natural tones and materials offer a timeless look for your kitchen, and studies show they can enhance alertness and stimulate creative thought as well. Consider the use of exposed natural beams and posts; by providing focal points for the eyes, they can promote wakefulness and cognitive thought. Warm tones like gold, crimson, and brown mimic the tones of firelight, and promote coming together as a family in these communal living and dining areas. Gold and yellow shades have the additional effect of speeding up the metabolism, a definite bonus in the dining room and kitchen.

Soothing shades of blue and green are more suited to bedrooms and bathrooms. These cool-toned colors have been shown to produce a state of calm and relaxation, conducive to rest and sleep. Ironically, the color blue is also conducive to concentration, helping employees turn out more work in the same amount of time; this has led to its use in many office environments. Most experts recommend that bedrooms be decorated very sparsely to avoid distracting visual cues that can delay or prevent sleep in susceptible individuals.

For young children, bright primary colors help to stimulate their growing brains and provide vivid sensory data to help them learn more easily. Children are drawn to these bright colors, and for good reason; sharp contrasts help young minds learn to categorize and differentiate between various visual stimuli. These early lessons in identifying colors set the pattern for a lifetime of learning.

Neutral shades, such as white, eggshell, and cream, are often used; these provide a useful alternative to warm or cool shades. These lighter shades give the illusion of spaciousness as well. Perhaps the most often overlooked psychological aspect of interior design is the human need for space. Even in smaller homes, the illusion of space can have positive psychological and physical effects.

The negative physical effects of crowded spaces has been documented in numerous studies. “Social Density, Interpersonal Relationships, and Residential Crowding Stress” was first published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology in 1983, and outlined an array of physical responses to overcrowded spaces, including elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and aversive social panic. Similar effects can result from living in a home that is overly crowded with furniture. Increasing the amount of open space in your home and reducing clutter does more than aid in organization; it can also relieve stress and even lower your blood pressure.

The proper use of color, natural materials, and open spaces can not only make your living space more beautiful; it can benefit your emotional and physical health as well. Using the same scientific principles that interior design experts use, you can transform your home into a warm, tranquil environment that brings out the best in you and your family.

The Human Ankle

The ankle is often classified as a mortise joint and is a very special joint due to its position in the body. The ankle hinge performs forwards and backwards movement during gait and confers stability so that we can balance during motion and on rough surfaces. The lower leg is connected to the foot by the ankle and this permits the body weight to be transmitted across the joint to the propulsion unit which is the foot. Most of the upper part of the joint consists of the tibia with a small contribution made by the fibula on the lateral side.

The upper ankle mortise closely encloses the talus or ankle bone which itself balances on top of a series of tarsal and mid foot bones of the foot arch. The talar dome on the upper surface makes the joint with the under surface of the tibia but there are two other joints which the talus participates in. The talo-navicular joint is to the front and through which weight is transferred forwards. The complex talo-calcaneal joint is below the talus and takes body weight straight down.

Weight passing vertically down through the tibia is transmitted through the talus in an anterior direction through the navicular and towards the metatarsal bones and backwards to the calcaneum. The metatarsals are slender bones lying almost parallel to each other as they fan out towards the toes, conveying important degrees of stability and mobility to the foot. The foot has arches and in the front of the foot the weight is primarily taken on the metatarsal heads of the first and fifth rays. If the arch collapses the other metatarsal heads of the second to the fourth may also weight bear.

The ankle upward and downward movements are known as dorsiflexion (up) and plantarflexion (down) and the inwards and outwards movements of the foot do not occur at the ankle. The inwards movement is known as inversion, the outwards as eversion, and both of these movements occur at the talo-navicular, forefoot and talo-calcaneal joints. Together these complex joints allow the body weight to be held stable over the feet as the body moves and to allow the feet to cope with irregular surfaces. The foots design allows it to satisfy these competing demands.

The human foot is very well designed to manage the severe demands which are put upon it. The vertical forces which are developed in weight bearing are very significant and the foot has to cope with these and transmit them onwards. The central arch of the tarsal bones takes a good degree of weight, with the interconnecting ligaments between the joints absorbing much of the forces developed inside the foot. The foot muscles are also important in maintaining the structural integrity of the foot under the pressure of body weight and the momentum of large movements.

The tibialis anterior muscle is the prominent long muscle on the outside of the shin and you can see the tendon as it rolls down towards the ankle and crosses over to the inside to some degree. The tendon attaches to three bones which are placed at the top of the arch of the foot, so when the muscle contracts it lifts and supports the arch to some degree. The tibialis posterior muscle comes from the rear calf and round the inner side of the ankle bone to end up inserting close to the tibialis anterior tendon. It pulls the bone to the rear and accentuates the arch again.

Working together, the two above muscles pull the arch upwards from the top and clamp it from the side, making it stable and preventing the arch from being flattened by the weight of the body. This keeps the foot dynamic and allows the spring required in walking and running. Running down the outside of the foot and underneath the sole towards the big toe is the tendon of the peroneus longus muscle. This contributes to the sling effect where the muscles can contract from every direction to hold the foot stable against the destabilising forces of weight bearing combined with active movement.

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Bowtrol Colon Cleanse: A Cure To Irregular Bowels

We like junk food because they are tasty and help us water our mouths. The processed foods and the junk food of Mc Donald’s often lead us to obesity. Thus, it is very necessary for us to hit the treadmill whenever we get the time just to burn out the huge number of calories. The fried stuff that we binge upon is of no use especially when it comes to the count of vital nutrients. This fried stuff have minimum of all nutrients.

There are a lot of herbs which can help us loose weight and gain muscle simultaneously. These are age old herbs known for their great actions to boost the metabolism. The Aloe Vera, Senna, Cascara Segrada and Cayenne pepper all are known for their great action on the metabolism. All of these are appetite suppressants and boosts the metabolism rates by at least twenty percent. Along with these herbal extracts if we can amalgamate a few natural elms and laxatives like acai berry and others then power of the supplement may increase by at least 20%.

Imagine a product which has all these natural ingredients, yes, we are talking about a product called Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. It is a product that can boost the bowel movement and help in excretion of the colon waste without much of a difficulty. There are nutrients which would also boost the fat metabolism like the garlic extract.

It also has a little amount of Bitter gourd extracts so that it can counter the most difficult problem of blood sugar very easily. It also regulates the bile pigment secretion which is required for the effective fat metabolism.

We all know that colon waste is the dwelling place for many germs and the dump yard of free radicals. Thus it is very necessary to get of colon waste. There are herbal extracts in this product which tackles the bloating and the gases that are formed in the empty stomach. This product also acts an appetite suppressant, which helps to shed weight.

All these benefits can be yours if you can work out a little bit and also incorporate the Bowtrol Colon Cleanse in our daily life.

What Are The Benefits Of Acai Berry Tropic

We all know that Acai Berry is the latest way to ensure a great health. It is an effective way to avoid excess of weight gain and enjoy the life to the fullest. Acai Berry is one of the richest Acai Berry product with a great ORAC score of 330. It is a supplement that may ensure you a great life. It is also used to loose weight. Acai Berry supplements are plenty and it is a great dilemma to choose the best among all the products. We are here to help you out.

The product called the Acai Berry Tropic is the purest of all the products present in the market. Like Acai Berry it is also considered as a super fruit supplement. It is a great way to ensure a a complete health regime with all the vital nutrients in the most adequate amounts like – trace elements like manganese, iron and calcium. It is also very rich in anti oxidants which is a great way to say to the healthy body. With this amazing accomplishment, you can feel good about using it to get healthy.

Benefits of Acai Berry Tropic

  • Easy Weight Loss – It is a great way to see easy weight loss regime.
  • Detox – It flushes out the free radicals and colon wastes very easily.
  • Anti-Aging – free radicals are flushed and so are the chances of getting old.
  • Prevents Cancer – Free radicals are the main cause of cancer
  • It reduces fatigue, gas, and bloating
  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Burns body fat for a slim and sexy body
  • Breaks up waste and eliminates toxins

As this product is really new you can’t get this product above the counters and you have to order this product online. There are practically no side effects of Acai Berry Tropic. It provides healthy benefits without giving you negative effects that can alter success! It’s 100% all natural which helps in several ways over artificial supplements that can be bad for your health and body.

Killing Me Softly With Chlorine In Drinking Water

Want an idea of how harmful chlorine in drinking water can be. In the 2000 Olympic games in Australia, the United States swim team shockingly announced that 25% of its members suffered asthma. Research was conducted to find out why in particular, the US swimming team suffered from this illness. The results were shocking.

Whilst it has long been known that chloramines and Trihalomethanes (THMs) worsens asthma symptoms, the studies showed that these harmful contaminants (which are the byproducts of chlorine and is found in tap water) can cause previously healthy individuals to get asthma.

How Does Chlorine Affect You.

For decades, the chlorine in our drinking water has been used as a disinfectant, to get rid of bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

When chlorine interact with other organic substances such as skin particles, hair follicles and water-borne bacteria, they form Trihalomethanes (THMs), a medically proven asthma-inducing chemical. So when you drink a glass of tap water, you are increasing your risk of contracting this illness.

And even if you take a shower, you are at risk. When you take a hot shower, the chlorine turns into steam and is inhaled. This could be even more dangerous than ingesting chlorine via a glass of water.

The U.S. EPA backs this up by saying that just about every American household has elevated levels of chloroform gas indoors. Even when you wash the dishes or flush the toilets, you are elevating the chloroform levels in your home.

By the way, it is not only asthma that chlorine is linked to. In 1986, the National Academy of Sciences estimated that 200 to 1000 people yearly in America may die from cancer, caused by food being cooked in chlorinated water.

Apart from the adverse health effects of this contaminant, have you ever noticed that after a swim in a pool, your skin gets drier and your hair is brittle. That is as a result of chlorine and it is the same things that happens after you have a shower in chlorinated tap water.

Reducing Chlorine In Our Drinking Water

With asthma now the leading illness that causes student absenteeism in the U.S, the response to this illness is still a pharmaceutical one.

More drugs to curb the problem rather than also advocating a way to prevent the problem. If you child has asthma or doesn't have it (and you don't want him to get it), why not improve the air quality in your home.

You can do this by acquiring a whole house water filtration system which will remove chlorine in drinking water. You can also go for cheaper alternatives. You could buy a shower head water filter or a counter top water filter for drinking.

The advantage of the wholehouse water system is that this one unit alone can provide safe, chlorine-free water to every tap in your home as opposed to you buying a different filter for each tap.

What To Do Now

Chlorine in drinking water is a serious matter. Now is as good a time as any to get a quality whole house water filter and give your family safer drinking water. The only question is now is how to determine what water filtration unit is quality and which is not.

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How much water to drink daily

A simple question with no simple answers. Studies have shaped varying recommendations over the years, but in truth, your water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how vigorous you are and where you live.

waterThere is no clear-cut come back with as to how much water to drink per day, because it depends upon a number of factors like your health circumstance, your activity status etc. On an average every day basis, we tend to lose quite a lot of water from side to side sweating, exhaling and urinating. It is here that it becomes essential to consume more water, so as to make up for the loss. Read further to travel around information about "??How much water to drink daily"??

It is not wise to drink water only to please your thirst, but it should turn into your habit to drink water at frequent intervals all through the day. Your food contributes about 20 percent to your total water intake and separately from that, it is worthwhile to devour about 8 ounce glasses of water every day.

Your water intake also depends on the place where you are living and the climatic state of affairs over there. In hot humid weather, there arises a need to devour extra quantity of water, as there is a major loss of water from beginning to end sweating that puts you at a risk of getting dehydrated. In cold time of year or at elevated altitudes, you tend to urine more often, thus leading to a better amount of fluid loss in the body.

Health conditions also decide your water intake. In case you are distressed from health problems like fever, vomiting and diarrhea, then it leads to extreme body fluid loss. Pregnant women too need to drink more water, as they are at a higher risk of getting dehydrated. So, drink loads of water throughout the day to keep in shape and healthy

Finding the Best Natural Skin Care Products

Most people who want to ensure good skin care are now changing to natural skin care products from chemical based skin care products. Thanks to the growing awareness among people regarding the risks involved in using strong chemical based skin care products. With the increasing popularity of natural skin care products, a large number of new companies are constantly coming into the market. Not all natural skin care products are of equal quality. If you shop around a bit for natural skin care products online, you will be able to understand how the cost and the quality of these products vary greatly.

With so many products available in the market, how to select the best natural skin care products? There few basic factors that you should take into consideration while selecting your natural skin care product. The first thing that you should do to pick the right natural skin care product is to take time to review the label closely. Some of the natural skin care products are not 100% natural. They have a mixture of chemicals and natural products. However, they will call themselves as natural skin care products because they have one or more natural ingredients. When you are selecting your natural skin care product, you must find products that are 100% natural because some of the chemical ingredients that are used in the skin care products may be harmful to our skin.

When you are selecting your skin care products do not select them based on the fragrance of these products. The purpose of the skin care product is not to act as a perfume. If you need a deodorant, select a deodorant; but when you are selecting skin care product, base your decision on the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients used. Often the fragrances that we fancy are made of chemicals. If you select products that are free from strong fragrance then you are all the more safer. Do not confuse the purpose of the skin care product with a perfume.

Check for certifications gained by the product; it should be certified by the relevant authorities for their safety and effectiveness. See whether the product that you choose has any organic seal.

Some people try to make their own skin care products. However, it is not advisable to make your own skin care products because the quality of the product will be questionable. You might end up having unnecessary problems; as your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, it will be too risky to experiment with your skin.

Pick only reputed brands even if it means paying more because this will be a much safer option than ruining you skin and spending a lot of money on rectifying the damage caused to your skin. Sometimes, the damages caused may not be reversible. For high quality natural skin care products visit You will be able to find all top brand natural skin care products in this boutique at an affordable price.

Paying For Gastric Bypass Surgery

For those that qualify for the procedure known as gastric bypass surgery, a top priority is how to pay for such an operation. In some instances, medical insurance won't pay for even half or the entire amount, in terms of cost, for this type of operation. The following information will provide a detailed analysis of insurance and gastric bypass surgery.

The Issue of Health Insurance and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass surgery typically costs on average between $25 000 to $20 000, a figure according to the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Paying for such an expensive procedure can be a concern, understandably. And whether or not this operation as well as the related costs are covered by health insurance depends largely on your insurance company, your specific policy and the state where you reside.

Discuss your specific policy with whomever you are insured with so as to see if you are properly covered or not. In some instances a given insurance policy will not cover Gastric Bypass Surgery and the ensuing required care. By this they mean they will not pay for costs related to the preparation, actual surgery and recovery period following surgery.

The Process of Pre-authorization

For those that are insured by an HMO, you will be required to get your general practitioner or family physician to refer you to a bariatric surgeon. They specialize in weight loss surgery. Upon seeing a bariatric surgeon, and qualifying as a good candidate for such a surgery, the next step is the pre-authorization process.

The actual steps it takes to get approval for such a procedure can be rather precarious compared to that of other more popular medical procedures. In most cases your insurance company will insist on having your family general practitioner and bariatric surgeon send what is called a "letter of medical necessity." This is the first initial step in the pre-authorization process. In this letter both your general practitioner and surgeon should stipulate how your overall health and physical constitution will be much better by having this procedure.

At this point, your request for authorization will either be approved, denied, or you will be required to send to your insurance company more information. Typically what then ensues is that your doctor and surgeon will either have to send in additional information, by calling, faxing or mailing this specific and required data.

You do have the opportunity to appeal an insurance company's decision if they choose to deny you coverage. Most if not all insurance policies are by law required to let you know of your right of appeal. Typically you have 30 to 60 days.

A Caveat

Those pre-approved and covered by insurance must be aware of any co-pays or co-insurance costs they will personally have to pay.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare will cover some of the costs of gastric bypass surgery, but only if you are overweight and suffer from type 2 diabetes and or heart disease.

Self-Pay Patients

If you have no coverage, you will be forced to pay for the surgery yourself. Some hospitals do offer payment plans, so you will not have to pay all at once. There is also the option of obtaining a personal loan from a reputable financial lender.

The Overall Cost

If you choose to pay for gastric bypass surgery with the help of a private lender take into consideration the numerous expenses involved, such as the surgeon bill, cost of anesthesia, and nutritional consultations. Your physician should be able to explain what is involved and the cost.

Blood sugar tests

Blood sugar tests include several different tests that measure the amount of sugar (glucose) in a person's blood. These tests are performed either on an empty stomach, or after consuming a meal or premeasured glucose drink. Blood sugar tests are done primarily to diagnose and evaluate a person with diabetes mellitus. The body uses sugar, also called glucose, to supply the energy it needs to function. People get sugar from their diet and from their body tissues. Insulin is made by the pancreas and affects the outer membrane of cells, making it easy for glucose to move from the blood into the cells. When insulin is active, blood glucose levels fall. Sugar from body tissues is stored in the form of glycogen. When glycogen is active, blood glucose levels rise. After a meal, blood glucose levels rise sharply. The pancreas responds by releasing enough insulin to take care of all the newly added sugar found in the body. The insulin moves the sugar out of the blood and into the cells. Only then does the blood sugar start to level off and begin to fall. A person with diabetes mellitus either does not make enough insulin, or makes insulin that does not work properly. The result is blood sugar that remains high, a condition called hyperglycemia. Diabetes must be diagnosed as early as possible. If left untreated, it can damage or cause failure of the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, blood vessels, and other body organs. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, also may be discovered through blood sugar testing. Hypoglycemia is caused by various hormone disorders and liver disease, as well as by too much insulin. There are a variety of ways to measure a person's blood sugar.Whole blood glucose testing can be performed by a person in his or her home, and kits are available for this purpose. The person pricks his or her finger (a finger stick) with a sterile sharp blade from the kit. A single drop of blood is placed on a strip in a portable instrument called a glucometer. The glucometer quickly determines the blood sugar and shows the results on a small screen in usually a few seconds. New technologies for monitoring glucose levels will help diabetics better control their glucose levels. These tests are particularly important for children and adolescents. In mid-2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new home test for use by children and adolescents (it had already been approved for adults) called the Cygnus GlucoWatch biographer that helped better detect hypoglycemia. Studies show that more frequent checks are better; new monitors such as this allow for simpler frequent testing. Continuous monitoring was in development in early 2004, as a company called TheraSense, Inc. received preapproval from the FDA for clinical trials on its home continuous glucose monitor. The monitor was designed to provide users with real-time glucose data, alarms for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and to show trends in their blood sugar levels. The fasting plasma glucose test is done on an empty stomach. For the eight hours before the test, the person must fast (nothing to eat or drink, except water). The person's blood is drawn from a vein by a health care worker. The blood sample is collected into a tube containing an anticoagulant. Anticoagulants stop the blood from clotting. In the laboratory, the tube of blood spins at high speed within a machine called a centrifuge. The blood cells sink to the bottom and the liquid stays on the top. This straw-colored liquid on the top is the plasma. To measure the glucose, a person's plasma is combined with other substances. From the resulting reaction, the amount of glucose in the plasma is determined.

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Arrhythmia treatment

Many arrhythmias do not require any treatment. For serious arrhythmias, treating the underlying heart disease sometimes controls the arrhythmia. In some cases, the arrhythmia itself is treated with drugs, electrical shock (cardioversion), automatic implantable defibrillators, artificial pacemakers, catheter ablation, or surgery. Supraventricular arrhythmias often can be treated with drug therapy. Ventricular arrhythmias are more complex to treat. Drug therapy can manage many arrhythmias, but finding the right drug and dose requires care and can take some time. Common drugs for suppressing arrhythmias include beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, quinidine, digitalis preparations, and pro-cainamide. Because of their potential serious side effects, stronger, desensitizing drugs are used only to treat life-threatening arrhythmias. All of the drugs used to treat arrhythmias have possible side effects, ranging from mild complications with beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers to more serious effects of desensitizing drugs that can, paradoxically, cause arrhythmias or make them worse. Response to drugs is usually measured by ECG, Holter monitor, or electrophysiologic study. In emergency situations, cardioversion or defibrillation (the application of an electrical shock to the chest wall) is used. Cardioversion restores the heart to its normal rhythm. It is followed by drug therapy to prevent recurrence of the arrhythmia. Artificial pacemakers that send electrical signals to make the heart beat properly can be implanted under the skin during a simple operation. Leads from the pacemaker are anchored to the right side of the heart. Pacemakers are used to correct bradycardia and are sometimes used after surgical or catheter ablation. Automatic implantable defibrillators correct life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias by recognizing them and then restoring a normal heart rhythm by pacing the heart or giving it an electric shock. They are implanted within the chest wall without major surgery and store information for future evaluation by physicians. Automatic implantable defibrillators have proven to be more effective in saving lives than drugs alone. They often are used in conjunction with drug therapy. Ablation, a procedure to alter or remove the heart tissue causing the arrhythmia in order to prevent a recurrence, can be performed through a catheter or surgery. Supraventricular tachycardia can be treated successfully with ablation. Catheter ablation is performed in a catheterization laboratory with the patient under sedation. A catheter equipped with a device that maps the heart's electrical pathways is inserted into a vein and is threaded into the heart.High-frequency radio waves are then used to remove the pathway(s) causing the arrhythmia. Surgical ablation is similar in principle but it is performed in a hospital, using a cold probe instead of radio waves to destroy tissue. Ablation treatments are used when medications fail. Maze surgery treats atrial fibrillation by making multiple incisions through the atrium to allow electrical impulses to move effectively. This is often recommended for patients who have not responded to drugs or cardioversion. Since some arrhythmias can be life threatening, a conventional medical doctor should always be consulted first. Acupuncture can correct an insignificant number (1.5%) of atrial fibrillation cases. For new, minor arrhythmias, acupuncture may be effective in up to 70% of cases, but this figure may not differ much from placebo therapy. Both western and Chi-nese herbal remedies are also used in the treatment of arrhythmias. Since hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata) dilates the blood vessels and stimulates the heart muscle, it may help to stabilize arrhythmias. It is gentle and appropriate for home use, unlike foxglove (Digitalis purpurea), an herb whose action on the heart is too potent for use without supervision by a qualified practitioner. Homeopathic practitioners may prescribe remedies such as Lachesis and aconite or monkshood (Aconitum napellus) to treat mild arrhythmias.

Drinking Water Containers & The Dangers They Are Hiding

Ok, picture this for a moment. You acquire a good water filtration unit because you have heard about the terrible contaminants in drinking water. You then proceed to store your clean drinking water into a plastic drinking water container.

Well, you have potentially began the process of undoing the good work that your water filter has done. Glass is the most ideal container to store clean, drinking water unlike plastic bottles which can adversely affect your water.

What Is Wrong With Plastic.

Plastic is cheap and convenient but that is about it. In the production of plastic, BPA or Bisphenol A and other harmful contaminants is used. Over time, as you water is stored in a plastic bottle, BPA is leached into your water especially when exposed to higher temperatures.

Many experts have expressed serious concerns about this. Breast cancer, fertility, thyroid and neurological problems have all been linked to BPA getting into your body.

Not all experts agree on the adverse health effects of BPA though. They contend that only minute amounts of it is released in the water and hence, it is safe to use. But is this a chance you really want to take especially when there are better alternatives.

A study claimed that there are potentially 2100 cancer causing that can contaminate our tap water. And even though those contaminants are in trace amounts, many studies have linked them to serious diseases, as we drink tap water over time. Therefore, the fact that BPA is in trace amounts is particularly comforting.

If you must use plastic drinking water containers, use the ones that are BPA free. You can know BPA free plastic bottles by looking at the bottom of the container and seeing if the the the digit "7" placed in the middle of a triangle. If you don't see "7" but some other digit placed in the middle of the triangle, then it is not BPA free.

Why Glass

Glass is a lot more chemically stable that plastic and won't leach chemicals into your tap water when exposed to heat.

There is also something more aesthetically pleasing about storing water in a glass drinking water container than in a plastic bottle. Seeing a glass of pure drinking water, will encourage you and your children to drink more water, hopefully at the expense of unhealthy sugar-laden sodas.

Glass is also more friendly to our environment. When you think of the millions of plastic bottles that are disposed of daily and the negative impact it has on our environment, you realize that we each have a part to play in making our planet pollution-free.

Using glass to store drinking water is one way you could play a part in making the planet cleaner.

Another great option for storing water is to buy food grade stainless steal bottles, similar to the ones used by campers and hikers. These also won't leach any contaminants in your drinking water and are very durable.


Getting a water filtration system is a great start to your quest for optimum health and safety. But please also place importance on what you are using for a drinking water container.

Not only could this impact on the quality of your drinking water but on your environment as well.

Maintaining Gastrointestinal Health Among Children With Autism

With all the research and studies being done on the subject of autism, it is no longer surprising to hear or learn about any new connections between autism and other parts of one's body. The connection isn't always (or is never) clear cut, which means it cannot be determine if the said connection can be the cause or simply the effect of autism. However, many experts and medical professionals have learned to take advantage of these connections to treat the symptoms of autistic children. This is the same rationale among people who use antioxidants to treat individuals with autism. And this is also the same idea that gives life to the theory that gastrointestinal health is connection to autism.

So how does this theory work?

Any parent of an autistic child would know that, more often than not, diarrhea is a prevailing problem for their child. Although it is not a general condition, a significant number of children with autism suffer from constant diarrhea or loose bowel. Besides this, many children with autism also complain of stomach ache and constipation often. Needless to say, children with autism do not have the healthiest digestive systems around. They often suffer from the "leaky gut" syndrome, a problem caused by damaged bowel linings and parasite infections in the gut, among others. Leaky gut syndrome can cause a number of complications, such as the mal-absorption of nutrients from other parents of the body.

The reason for this among autistic individuals? Their imbalance gut flora. The digestive tract is home to numerous bacteria-good and bad. The good bacteria, naturally, should overpower the bad bacteria by 85 percent, otherwise there will be an imbalance. Obviously, such imbalance exists among children with autism. In fact, it was learned that their gut flora is infested by a bacteria called clostridia, a specie connected to gangrene, colitis, botulism, tetanus, and food poisoning. Naturally, because of the imbalance, the autistic child's gastrointestinal health suffers.

Of course, it is possible to maintain good gut flora despite the overwhelming presence of the clostridia. One of the more popular techniques used here is the intake of probiotics. Probiotics have been around for centuries. They are components of food substances that can promote good health. But more than general good health, probiotics can improve the microbial balance in one's digestive tract.

But more than that, a much cited research journal in the Reading University in the United Kingdom published a study in 2006 that demonstrates how probiotics can not only help gastrointestinal health but also the overall well being an autistic child. The study used 40 children, half of which were given probiotics and the others fake probiotics. None of the involved parties knew which they had. The parties were asked to give the substance to their children for a few weeks, after which the other 20 will receive the fake probiotics while the rest gets the real one. While supposedly a blind research, the results were so obvious that the involved parties who received the real probiotics refused to switch. The research was a failure, but what it presented was promising. Why? Because those who took the real probiotics noted improved abilities and skills among their children.

The study shows that gastrointestinal health and the overall being can be connected. Still, although it is not entirely proven, probiotics remain to be helpful.

The Link Between Autism And Mercury

What does mercury got to do with anything-specifically autism?

A lot, if you base it on numerous researches and surveys conducted over the years. It may seem far-fetched how mercury, a metal substance, can cause the brain development disorder many have thought to be due to genetics, but the link, they say, is there. According to the researches conducted in the past five years, such as the ones done in the Journal of American Physicians and Doctors, mercury poisoning can damage the brain of a child, thus causing autism.

But if this is true, how does one get exposed to mercury?

Although there are many possible reasons why a child can be exposed to mercury, one of the prime reasons why this has become a treatment is due to the fact that mercury can be found in vaccines-as in the vaccines infants and children had to take. These vaccines contain a preservative called thimerosal, an organomercury substance. Thimerosal is around 50 percent mercury in terms of weight, and this is the exact substance that infants and children had to take with their vaccines for common ailments such as mumps, measles, and rubella (or the MMR vaccine). Now, it wouldn't be a problem if the body can naturally expel the mercury from its system. Unfortunately, it can't. Not everyone can expel mercury from their bodies. The cumulative amount of mercury in the body often causes the damage. According to researches claiming mercury can cause autism, the metal substance stays in the body, damaging the brain and hindering it from developing. This is how mercury can cause autism, at least according to such claims.

Of course, concerned groups and offices try to disprove the claim. America's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention office claims that there is no link between mercury poisoning and autism, saying that vaccines have always been safe for children. However, this is not entirely true. During the 1970s and the early 1980s, many individuals have successful filed cases against medical practitioners for their use of vaccines on people who have suffered from various disorders and conditions. When not used properly, vaccines can be very dangerous and harmful. Also, there have been reports that say countries that do not extensively use vaccines are better off when it comes to the number of children suffering from autism.

And speaking of extensive use of vaccines, it should be noted that several years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention only recommend the use of three vaccines. Today, this recommendation number has reached more than 20. Naturally, if mercury does cause autism, then it is only natural why the number of autism cases has gone up in the recent years. More than 20, after all, is way too much. Perhaps this is one of the environmental and external factors that the medical sectors say that could trigger autism in the body?

It is possible to treat autism symptoms when you consider that autism is caused by mercury poisoning. One popular treatment used here is called chelation, wherein the metal substances are removed from the body. It is also possible to use natural supplements in order to help facilitate the expulsion of the chemical from the body. Antioxidants, for one, are known to help eliminate harmful toxins, chemicals, and free radicals in the body. Many parents swear that these treatments do work.