Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ways to Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes

If you're tired, or aging prematurely, one of the side effects is the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes. Unfortunately, this is one of the most unwanted facial features because it allows you to show your age and also generally lets people know when you are not getting enough sleep. Luckily, there are steps that you can take in order to remove these dark circles from underneath your eyes, and once you mix them into your daily routine, you will have stunning eyes again without worrying about dark circles anymore.

Improve Nutrition

Eating healthy is not only important for your overall nutrition but also for your eyes. If you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, which are rich in beta carotene, then you will be promoting healthier eyes. Yes, carrots really do help your eyesight. Carrots, spinach, papaya and mango are all excellent fruits and vegetables for this purpose.


Sleep truly is one of the most classic treatments for when it comes to overcoming dark circles as well as puffiness around your eyes. Why? Because sleep really does work, and without getting a quality amount of sleep, your face is literally going to sag. When you sleep, your circulation is going to increase through your body including throughout your face and your eyes. You should be sleeping with your head elevated slightly so that fluids will not rest in the eye area of your face.

Cold for your Eyes

Cold temperatures are actually really good for your eyes as they help to reduce tiredness in the eyes and puffiness in the eyes. There are a number of different ways that you can apply something that is cold to your eyes such as cutting potato or cucumber slices and applying them to your eyelids for ten minutes or so for example. You can also apply cold spoons to your eyes or simply splashing your eyes with cold water. This will help you avoid under-eye wrinkles as well as dark circles around your eyes.


Applying milk to your eyes is actually another remedy for dark circles under the eyes. If you are wearing mascara, then you are probably causing dark circles under your eyes. Milk is a nice safe and natural cleanser for mascara under your eyes. Dip a clean white cotton ball into some milk and gingerly cleanse your eyes. Milk is all natural and will not hurt your eyes the way that chemical makeup removers can.

Rose Water

A great way to get eyes that sparkle while reducing dark circles under the eyes is to drop two drops of pure rose water into your eyes with an eye dropper. This is going to give your eyes a nice natural eye lift that will give your eyes spark and glow like the most attractive people around you.

Eye Creams

Organic eye creams can diminish the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. While softening the lines, organic skin care products can also repair the skin by increasing elasticity and moisturize the delicate areas of the face.

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