Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Health – Back Pain Overview And Facts

Our human body consists of 75 percentage of water and other 25 percentage contains blood and other usefull thing like blood, cells, lots of chemical hormones. Because of our body structure and location of body parts we are unique and developed body created by GOD in world. we made our self more perfect with our experiences, ambition and interest for better life.

In mechanical language, we are also machine unlike non-living, feeling less. We also require maintaining this human body so that this may work properly and for long time without any issues. But like other machine property, we also face some deprecation in human because of disturbance of body parts. Disturbance came to know in pain indication or human insufficiency in work.

One of pain is back pain which may stay in body for whole life and may increase not caring about this. This may be mild, extreme, and constant. What is theory about back pain? For any human body pain can be done because of bone structure, disc and nerve roots disorders. Reason of pain can be simple to complex based on location where it is origin and most of pain causes because of accident, sports injuries and strains.

Back pain can be categorized in two back injuries. One is Spondylolisthesis which caused by slipping of vertebra. Other one is cervical radiculopathy that is done because of disturbance of nerve system that result to compress of veins near to cervical vertebrae.

For both back pain, both of them have different symptoms and care about it. Sysmptoms of Spondylolithesis includes lower back pain, muscle tightness and impact, pain in buttocks and pain radiating to down legs. For Cervical Radiculopathy, symptoms are pain spread to arm, neck, chest and folders. With Cervical Radiculopathy, person would feel muscle weakness in body, other symptoms are included lack of coordination, especially in the hands.

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