Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chula Vista Personal Trainer - The Perfect Workout

When someone says that a Chula Vista Personal Trainer gives the best workout, it's true. These guys know what they are doing. They typically have 10 plus years of experience, a deep background in exercise physiology, and love to help their clients get amazing results.

The perfect workout consists of a few variables: weight-resistance, interval training, and flexibility training. These three types of training will give you or any person the best results when it comes to fat loss, muscle toning, and flexibility.

In the perfect workout, the weight resistance is down slow, where you are stretching the muscles in the process, the slowly returning to the starting position, and squeezing the muscle intensely. This process gives the muscle more room to grow and also puts more definition within the muscle. And as the muscle grows the more fat you will burn.

These personal trainers will push you hard with their perfect workout, where you are lifting heavy weights, yet with perfect form, so you don't get hurt. You will be doing rep ranges between 6 to 12 reps, so you are actually stimulating the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are the fibers most conducive to muscle growth.

Also with the perfect workout, these trainers are going to have you do interval training, which is an intense stop and go type of cardio training. It is by far much better than traditional slow-paced cardio for burning fat and getting into great condition. Slow paced cardio only boosts your metabolism for a few hours afterwards, whereas interval training boosts your metabolism for up to 48 hours afterwards. What does this mean? You will be burning more fat for a longer period of time.

Lastly, you will be doing some flexibilty training in the perfect workout. This will help you in several ways. First, it will keep you from getting injured. Most people get muscle injuries due to tight muscles. By consistently stretching, you will be able to attain more flexibilty and elasticity in your body, thus releasing much tension and stress that is in your body. Also, the stretching will also help your muscles grow.

As you can see, the Chula Vista Personal Trainers' Perfect Workout is the ultimate workout when it comes to weight loss, muscle toning, and flexibility. You get plenty of benefits without spending hours in the gym.

Your trainer will also help you with nutriiton. This is an area that is difficult for more people to adhere to, but at the same time, it is the most important factor that will guarantee your success. Nutrition is 80% for most people to getting great fat loss and muscle toning results. The key here is to make incremental changes based around foods you enjoy eating. And little by litte, just cut out some of the bad stuff. Simple.

Start by eating breakfast on a daily basis. As a Chula Vista Fitness Trainer this is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism slows down and you also ruin the rest of your day when it comes to your diet.

Second, eat 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day, incorporating protein at every meal, which will help build more and more muscle, and help you burn more fat.

Third, avoid as much processed food as possible. Processed foods make it tremendously easy for your body to store fat and become very unhealthy. Eat more raw and natural foods that have not been chemically altered.

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